Why E-mail Still Matters – Part Two

Written by Rodolfo Martinez

December 19, 2020

Classic Mailbox

Hopefully you’ve read part 1 of this article, which is available here.  We’ve covered some of the benefits of E-Mail marketing, which I’ll quickly recap:

  • Email marketing is personalized
  • It avoids the toxicity associated with Social Media
  • You can offer free, automated incentives for new signups
  • You can offer discounts and other perks to existing clients and subscribers
  • It’s a great way to just generally keep in touch

As we mentioned in Part 1, you’ll need to commit to two things: collecting emails in an ethical manner (no one likes spam), and to consistently putting together content.  Next, we get into the interesting part; finding the right solution.  We always like to offer our clients low-cost, easy solutions, so that’s why we recommend Sendfox.

Sendfox is offered through Appsumo, and offers the lowest cost bulk email solution that we’ve seen.  Snedfox can literally save you hundreds, and even thousands of dollars each year.  To give you an idea, a one-time (yes, pay once and get it for life) payment of $49 gets you access to their great platform with a limit of 5,000 subscribers.  Five thousand might sound like a lot, but what if you need more? No problem; for additional one-time payments you can add subscribers in chunks of 5,000 up to 25,000 subscribers, which should be plenty for just about any business out there.  If you need more than 25,000, there are additional options with low monthly fees.

So let’s suppose 25,000 is enough for your business.  That means that for a one-time payment of $245, you now have a great platform with lots of features that is fully paid up to do your E-Mail marketing.  To compare, Mailchimp would charge nearly that much per month as part of their standard plan.  If you want to add more features such as HTML newsletters (this let’s you make a pretty newsletter, like the ones we send out) it will only set you back $10 a month.  Overall you are getting a very cost effective solution.

The features don’t stop there.  You’ll get a nice looking signup page (like this one) which will comply with GDPR, as well as a dashboard with some useful analytics.  Sendfox is easy to use, and works great on a variety of devices and web browsers.

If E-mail marketing sounds scary or generating content each month seems challenging, get in touch.  We have affordable plans where we can write your content and keep your emails on schedule.  Either way, don’t neglect email, and don’t be afraid to use it as a marketing tool.

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